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Spiderclaw app by Mudstorm15
Spiderclaw app

Name: Spiderclaw

Kit Name: Spiderkit

Age: 36 moons

Gender: tom

Tribe: Loner

Skills: 0

*Apprentice/Mentor: Ravenflight

*Soulbond: N/A

Family: Mother- Mudstorm (dead)

    Father- Shadowtail (dead)

    Sisters: Sootwhisker(alive), Silverleaf (alive)

    Brothers: Nutbranch(dead), Badgerthorn(dead), Batwing (alive)


**Personality: Loyal/Lonely/Haunted/Grounded/Courageous

**History: Spiderkit was born in the Northclan camp as the third kit in his litter, to Mudstorm and Shadowtail. His littermates were Badgerkit, Silverkit, and Batkit.  Spiderkit was the only one in his litter who resembled his mother, and his older brother Nutpaw.  For the first six moons of his life he didn’t know that he had another sister. At the time of his birth his family was fractured. When Plarinx had come to the territory he created a clan where loners, and rogues could always feel welcome.  His father had been born a kittypet, but joined Mountainclan as an apprentice when he was eight moons old.  Shadowtail never really felt like he fit in, so he along with many other cats joined Plarinx splitting the Mountain in two.  His mother Mudstorm loved Shadowtail with all her heart, so she chose to leave behind everything she ever knew to stay with her mate.  Nutpaw chose to continued his training in Northclan, his littermate Sootwhisker chose to stay with the clan of her birth and it’s leader the strong and proud, Greystar.  

    When Spiderkit was seven days old tragedy struck his small family a second time.  Both Batkit and Badgerkit had been born blind.  Badgekit took it the hardest, being the oldest and biggest of the litter he was determined to be a warrior. His younger brother found peace with his fate and decided that he would join their medicine cat Lynxfur in her den.  Still life was happy and peaceful for the young tom. He was content living life free of worry, until trouble reared it’s head again.  

    There were two-legs at the edge of Northclan territory, they would come in monsters, make noise and scare prey away.  The small clan needed that freshkill to prepare for leaf-bare so Plarinx enlisted a pack of dogs to scare them away.  The two-legs left, but Plarinx wasn’t done with the dogs, he required that the dogs were paid for their services, which would be Nutpaw’s mentor Hawkfire, the deptuty of Northclan.  The cats of Northclan turned on their leader, choosing to defy him by saving Hawkfire, and alerting Greystar of the danger.  It was the right thing to do, but there family paid the price.  Shadowtail died, defending his kits from the leader of the dogs.  Spiderkit saw the broken body of his father, lying on the ground, he watched as his mother licked the blood off Shadowtail’s broken neck.  Plarinx had been killed, by whom no one knows, it happened too fast.  Northclan and Southclan were dissolved they were Mountainclan again.  That day Spiderkit met his oldest sister Sootwhisker.  She was nice enough, but he didn’t trust her.  Where was she when Shadowtail died?  Even so they had more in common then he knew, after his father’s death he hated rogues and loners, he would become a warrior who put his clan before his kin.  

    Not long after his father’s death Nutpaw was named Nutbranch by Greystar and he became Spiderpaw under the tutelage of Ravenflight.  Ravenflight had been a good mentor, but they weren’t close.  It was Nutbranch who became a surrogate father to him. He was always there when his family needed help.  His oldest brother carried his father’s spirit, Mudstorm used to say, a cat who put family first.  In a way, Nutbranch became more of a mentor to him then Ravenflight was. He was always there to help him learn the necessary skills to be a warrior.  The young cat could be happy again and optimistic about the future, at least at first.

     One day his mother left on a patrol and never came back.  The search party found that she had been killed by a fox.  His older brother wanted revenge on the creature who took his mother’s life, instead Greystar ordered his clanmates to drive the fox over the border and into Valleyclan.  Nutbranch took that hard, deciding that he would never forgive Greystar for denying him his vengeance.  Spiderclaw wanted the fox dead as well, but supported his leader’s decision instead.  The clan, his faith, as well as his family helped him grow stronger from his loss.  He knew that he would see his parents again in Starclan, and strove to protect his clanmates from that day forward.  Spiderpaw was an average apprentice, he learned just as quickly as most of the other cats his age.  Even so, he spent most of his free time sparing with his older brothers, trying to become the best fighter he could be.  That may be why Greystar named him Spiderclaw when he finished his training.  Badgerpaw became Badgethorn, and Silverpaw became Silverleaf.  When Lynxfur finally decided to retire to the elder’s den Batpaw was named Batwing.  

    There came a day when Mountainclan fell.  One leaf-bare a massive thunderstorm gathered over the territory. It was a terrible storm, in the darkest hour of that night a bolt of lightning struck the middle of the camp. It was so bright that it lit up the sky with a thunderclap, and created a spark.  The cats were so dazzled by light that by the time they noticed the fire, it was too late.  The camp was ablaze, cats lost their lives, and even more disappeared into the darkness.  About an hour later the rain arrived, but the damage had been done.  At dawn the cats gathered in the ruins of their home, Spiderclaw found that Greystar and Silverleaf were nowhere to be seen.  He didn’t want to admit it, but the loss of his sister hurt him more than the loss of his leader.  Spiderclaw felt a mixture of sadness and guilt.  He wished that they had been closer. The young warrior regretted all the times he played with his brothers instead of her.  He wished that they had hunted together more.  It was then that he realised how much family meant to him.  No matter how much he denied it, he understood how Nutbranch felt when his mother died.  Batwing told him that she wasn’t dead.  In his dreams she hadn’t been among the ranks of Starclan.  It was a small comfort, and he appreciated his brother’s unwavering faith.  Spiderclaw’s felt shaken after that night however.  How could anyone trust their will when so much tragedy could happen to one clan?

    Mountainclan’s deputy Turtlefeather relocated the remnants of the clan to their old camp.  It had been abandoned many moons ago during a flood, this camp was still in bad shape but was in better condition than the one that had just been burning.  After a few days of rebuilding and searching, the deputy announced who would be going with her to the Gathering the next night.  Nutbranch panicked, and called his family together for a talk.  He was worried about what would happen at the gathering.  Rowanstar would know that the clan was vulnerable, and might attack to take their territory.  Spiderclaw agreed that it was possible, not every cat in Valleyclan would respect their borders.  His brother was afraid of losing anymore of his family, and proposed leaving.  Nutbranch thought that they could find new territory over the mountains, free from the dangers of clan life, where they could live in peace.  Sootwhisker was not on board.  As always his big sister’s heart truly belonged with Mountainclan.  Spiderclaw’s did once as well, but in the young cat’s eyes there was no longer a clan to protect.  All that was left was the remainder of his family.  Batwing would stay behind as well, the clan needed it’s medicine cat, which was understandable.  Badgerthorn decided to go along with his brothers, announcing that by doing so he would find Silverleaf.  At dawn the next morning  Sootwhisker and Batwing came to say goodbye to their brothers and see them off.  After eating their traveling herbs, they began their journey across the mountains.  

    It took a full day of walking to reach the edge of their territory, without being spotted by their clanmates, and two more days to reach the edge of the mountains.  Climbing was hard, but Mountainclan cats are used to scaling cliffs.  After two weeks of walking west and surviving on scarce prey, out of nowhere a landslide of rocks tumbled down the mountain toward the path that the cats were using.  Nutbranch and Spiderclaw were able to avoid being crushed but, Badgerthorn couldn’t see where they were coming from, tried his best to get away from the sound of the rockfall, and was buried.  The two spent the night standing vigil over there brother’s grave, but in the morning Spiderclaw snapped.  He had enough of Nutbranch, and his foolish idea to cross the mountain.  If it hadn’t been for him  Badgerthorn would still be alive.  After that Spiderclaw traveled alone, north in search of somewhere to live as a loner.  After three days of walking he came to a large cave surrounded by a small woods.  Exhausted from the long journey, he curled up inside the cave and fell asleep.

     A few hours later he was awoken by a loud vibration shaking the ground.  Sensing danger Spiderclaw exited the cave, and came face to face with a black bear.  Spiderclaw remembered Mudstorm telling him stories of the mighty Lionclan and their struggles to rid their territory of bears.  Large black or brown creatures with large claws, who would hunt their cubs and eat them.  Spiderclaw thought that they were just stories, but here he was face to face with one.  The bear was not friendly, he or she was angry at Spiderclaw for trespassing in his cave, and wanted to kill him.  The young warrior fought bravely, but the creature had the size advantage.  He could have run, but the bear was fast as well.  When it seemed hopeless Nutbranch appeared to save his brother’s life.  The two together could kill the bear but it was very unlikely.  Spiderclaw was on his last legs, and Nutbranch used a lot of energy to get there in time.  Nutbranch knew what needed to be done, he told his surrogate son to run away while he kept fighting.  Nutbranch knew that if he stayed it meant certain death, but it was worth it to save his brother.  Spiderclaw told Nutbranch that he wouldn’t leave him, but he insisted that Spiderclaw go.  He needed to live in order to honor his family, the cats who had come before him, to remember them.  Spiderclaw told his big brother that he loved him and ran as fast as he could.

    Now Spiderclaw has reached the edge of Water tribe territory.  Distrustful but lonely he wonders what these cats are like, and what his new life has in store.  Still dreaming of his family he is ready to start fresh and serve a new “clan” with honor.  Come meet Spiderclaw, a tom with an unfortunate past, hoping to live the rest of his life in relative peace.           

*Relationships: N/A

Roleplay Example:

Spiderclaw opened his eyes and stretched.  He had slept well, but missed his old den back home.  It was protected from the elements, lined with moss and warm.  He also missed the company of other cats, but such was the fate of the loner.  After shaking the grass off of his pelt, he began his hunt.  Hunger clawed at his belly, making him extra alert.  After about five minutes of walking he sighted squirrel stuffing his cheeks full of acorns.  Keeping his body close to the ground, he slowly crept up to his prey, and when the time was right he pounced.  Blood oozed out of the freshkill as it lay on the ground.  Prey tastes the best when it’s fresh caught, Badgerthorn had always said.  Feeling a tingle of sadness, he began to tear into the squirrel.  “Breakfast.” the tabby thought to himself.



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Looks like I was tagged. I've never done one of these before so I'm kind of annoyed and kind of intrigued.  

So anyway I was tagged by
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Questions I have to answer:

2. What's your favourite song? : Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
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4. Have you ever seen The Excersist? : No
5. Are you as bored as I am?: I don't know probably not
6. Do you love drawing as much as I do?:  Probably. I'm not very good at it but I like to draw for fun.
7. Do you love singing as much as I do? : Maybe. I like to sing but don't do it in public a lot.
9. I feel like eating cherries. What do you feel like? : I feel like finishing this list
10. I wanna go home!! What do you want to do?: I wanna tag some other people so they can suffer too. Jk.

My Questions:
1. What's your favorite Pokemon? Don't say that you don't have one there are like 600 now I'm sure that you can find one:
2. What's your favorite color? :
3. Chocolate or vanilla?
4. What's your favorite book?
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9. Have you ever been to Disney World?
10. Glad this is over?

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